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Its soft, nearly carnal cushion shifts in shape, adjusting to the weight of the body occupying it — welcoming and embracing it, adapting to its size and swelling around the strings restraining it. Despite the ropes’ efforts to confine, the seating body longs to converse with its human counterpart. The Oxitocina chair celebrates the intersection between corporeality and materiality, juxtaposing organic sensuality with sharp sculptural lines. The ergonomic responsiveness of the cushions stands in striking contrast to the hard-edged rigidity of the steel structure to which it is tied.
Oxitocina, whose name derives from the hormone oxytocin closely linked to love and arousal, explores both the origin of desire and the archetype of the object. A play with associations and references to bodily volumes, corseting and rope tying staged on a frame which is reduced to the bone.


Photo credits: Andrea Leonetti

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