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StudioNotte was born in 2019 in Milan and focuses on designing products and furnishings for the home. The two founders, Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos, share a passion for experimenting with different production techniques and materials, which often lead them to becoming directly involved in the production chain.
The expressive language they adopt in their projects comes from the intertwining of different cultures, from the contamination of the most disparate disciplines, and from the grounding of dreamlike visions, in order to establish a dialogue that is capable of arousing fascination and surprise.

Luisa Alpeggiani
Product designer & Co-founder


After a bachelor degree at Naba in Milano, Luisa takes a specialist degree in product design at Politecnico di Milano where she meets Camila.

Always passionate about design, she approaches the world of craftsmanship through the exploration of different materials such as wood, ceramic, metals and resin. This gives her the opportunity to think within materials and production methods, allowing her to expand design concepts.

Luisa has always collected objects and treasures that she finds in her numerous travels or during long walks that creep under her skin like tattoos, becoming part of a network of coordinates and references in which to move and explore.

Camila Campos

Product designer & Co-founder


Camila is a Brazilian designer who moved to Italy to enroll in the product design degree at IED in Turin, and subsequently at the Politecnico di Milano for a master degree.

Her life has led her to often change cities and travel the world, living in many realities has taught her to change points of view and to approach situations out of her ordinary.

In the design field, this experience is an asset that allows her to have a lateral and fluid vision to be applied to any project.

She is fascinated by the potential of technology, which she often uses in the design processes and she is attentive to the trends and evolutions of aesthetics in all creative fields, be it design, fashion or photography.


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