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StudioNotte approaches design through investigation of the sweet spot at the intersection of hedonistic pleasure and tensions arising from contrast. Materiality is met with imagination, indulgence juxtaposed with deliberate restraint. The familiar is abstracted and undermined, inviting the exploration of unexpected avenues. The resulting complexity develops from a blend of disciplines, materials, contexts, and techniques, rather than from adornment.


StudioNotte is a product design studio based in Milan founded by Luisa Alpeggiani and Camila Campos. In its research-based practice, the Italian-Brazilian studio explores a broad array of disciplines, techniques, and materials with a particular fascination for the intersection of matters. The founders’ diverse cultural backgrounds inform the complexity of their work, infusing it with contrasts and an element of deliberate dissonance. Precisely these tensions, together with a nearly rigorous investigation of hedonism and seduction, shape the design philosophy of StudioNotte. The two creators believe in the cult of pleasure, in which design becomes a path that diverts from convention through teasing with friction.





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